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You may have noticed that whenever you create a bucket, a new Insert Option Saved Search is added to your item. Its purpose is to create items that allow editors to run preset searches.

As an example, let's say I have a bucket with news items which have a field Region. Certain editors find themselves having to search for all the items which relate to the region London.
Normally they would have to:

  1. Click on the bucket item
  2. Type the name of the field and the search term: region:London
  3. Press Enter or the search button

You can make their life easier by creating a Saved Search. Then this process is reduced to simply:

  1. Click on the London news Saved Search item.

Saved search item example How does this

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It is already more than a week since Sitecore 8.2 was silently deployed to the Sitecore Developer Portal. It comes loaded with exciting new features like Dependency Injection (check Kam's excellent blog post); support for the new optional Publishing Service (read more about it on Jon's blog); a new revised Path Analyzer; improved Experience Editor; OData support in the Sitecore Services Client and much more. It comes with so many goodies (and some breaking changes) that it almost feels

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Let's imagine, you need to have a portion of your site secured so that only certain users can access it. With Sitecore this is really easy to accomplish. All you need to do is: Deny read access to the extranet\anonymous user. This is an exception to the usual security best practices (i.e. don't use explicit denies and don't put permissions on users). However in this case this is OK as the extranet\anonymous user is a funny kind

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So you think Sitecore fast query is faster than 'normal' Sitecore query? Not so fast. Let me act as a myth buster here. A Sitecore query is evaluated against Sitecore items, and allow you to query items in the tree that meet certain criteria. In order to execute that query Sitecore may look at items in its cache, but if they are not there, it will get them from database. On the other hand, a fast query is always translated

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There are some situations where we would like to have multiple Standard Values for the same template. This is not possible with Sitecore. Or is it? The other day, whilst pondering about branches, I thought of this formula: Clones + Branches = Multiple Standard Values So this morning I have done this short video to show it in action: As you can see there are a few issues. I may try to sort them out, although I suspect some of them are

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