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Starting with Windows 10 Falls Creators Update (aka. 1709) Windows has native SSH capabilities. There is no longer need to use a client like PuTTY or Linux OpenSSH running on Cygwin.

There is also an OpenSSH server implementation so you can connect to a remote Windows instance (instead of using WinRM for example).

It comes in the shape of a Beta optional feature which is quite easy to enable. Open an Administrator Powershell session and discover the new features:

Get-WindowsCapability -Online | select-object -ExpandProperty Name | select-string OpenSSH*  

This should give you the list of available OpenSSH features: a client and a server.
To enable the feature simply run:

Add-WindowsCapability -Online -Name 'OpenSSH.Client~~~~'  

From any cmd or powershell window then you can

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One of the challenges with Sitecore is that it is so flexible that you can break it, bend it and modify it beyond recognition. This can have deep effects in how users interact with the system and how they perceive the quality of the product. Sitecore can be a great product when used wisely or it can also rapidly become a bag of nails when it falls in the hands of the wrong coders. A few months ago, whilst doing

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I want to deploy my code in a consistent, repetitive and automated manner. I want to be able to deploy it easily on a blank copy of Sitecore, and blow the whole thing away. I also want to minimize the amount of prerequisites in my computer. In my opinion the easiest way to achieve this is a containerised solution like Docker. Annoyingly, Sitecore does not provide, yet, a ready-made image, but the community always comes to the rescue. I know

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A few tips to improve your Visual Studio experience. Avoid app pool recycling During development you will spend a lot of time waiting. Waiting for Sitecore to boot after an application recycling. Typically as a consequence of a modification of DLL in the bin folder or configuration files. So the recommendation is clear, avoid deploying DLLs or change configuration files! Many people deploy their whole solution every time a changed file needs to be copied to the Sitecore webroot. If

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Sitecore Rocks has a few options that help you speed up some of the common developer workflows, like creating templates or items. Creating templates The screen for creating templates allows you to also define inheritance and create the standard values item. Most of your templates will actually need the standard values item so just as well create it as soon as possible. Creating items The UI for creating items gives you the opportunity to also set insert options at the

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