I have always enjoyed Apple's 12 Days of Christmas promotion, where they give away a song, an app or a video during every one of those magical 12 days.

Even though most of the freebies are of dubious use, at least for me, even more so now that my only device running iOS is an ancient iPad 2, the sense of anticipation, keeps me hooked.

This gave me the idea of doing a 30 days of Sitecore. However, as everybody needs a rest on weekends, I will keep it to weekdays only; and it's going to be free tips rather than free apps.

Keep an eye on the twitter hashtag #30SitecoreTips and I will make sure you get a new tip every weekday!

You may have heard most of those tips before but there might be some surprises here and there.

As a bonus, some of those tweets will also come accompanied by a blog post with further information.

Let's get the ball rolling!