Late arrival

Greetings reader, and welcome. Please don't be alarmed. No, it's not you that has arrived late. I am the one who is late with the creation of this blog.

I have always liked writing. When blogs started to become fashionable, already quite a few years ago, I should have jumped in the bandwagon. But I did not.

Why? Even though I love writing, what could I possibly write that would be of interest to other people? That's a valid though, yet an absurd excuse for not sharing one's thoughts. If nobody is interested in reading, then nobody will read it. That should not even be a concern.

It feels like yesterday, but it is already eight years ago that I joined Sitecore, where I worked for five fruitful years. As part of my (ever changing) role in the company I became a bit of a Sitecore geek, and I tried to share my experience and knowledge with other people. I did that mostly through presentations, meetings and training delivery.

Did I also create a blog? No. Why? I can't give a precise answer but one could argue other things got on the way... or you could say plain laziness. Or maybe, in the back of my mind, I still thought nobody would find the stuff interesting or useful.

So why now? Yes, I have bitten the bullet, this is a blog, and you are reading its first entry.
Over the years, I have benefited from the knowledge shared by other people. It is only fair that I reciprocate and share whatever little bits of useful knowledge I have, or I encounter during my daily battles with life and technology. At the moment I am lucky enough to a very flexible life/work structure, so I hope to have the necessary time to do it well, and give others something to think about.

But it is not just for others it is also for myself. I am not good at writing things down. That has helped me improve my memory, but it has also caused me to waste hours re-discovering, re-thinking stuff I had forgotten. That's not all as bad as it sounds, as learning something for a second time is actually a very good exercise. However, I think time has come for me to change my approach. I am going to try to force myself to write down any useful discoveries. Writing it down is also a way of solidifying it and learning it better. So let's get started...

I better write all this down lest not I forget it!