Yesterday I was momentarily opening port 80 in my computer to test Sitecore.Ship from a remote location when I found a whole bunch of interesting entries in my Inbound Firewall rules

firewall HP rules

I guess all of that is in use when I invoke a scanning job from the printer itself. However, I don't understand why they are all set for Profile All ; I am only going to use the scanner when I am home connected to my network. I decided to change the Profile to Private. Except it was a very tedious task using the UI. Open the properties of each one, find the correct tab... not a job for me.

Instead I opened powershell and discovered all the commands to modify the firewall rules

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I am always learning new stuff. A few months ago, I took a membership to Pluralsight and I have so far thoroughly enjoyed it. The courses are really good and there is lots of content available on many different topics. It has helped me get started with a few things that were on my to-do list for far too long. One of those things is Powershell. It is only just over a month ago that I started with the awesome

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We know that allowing your editors to publish is not a good idea. Let's set up an incremental publish at 3am every day by creating a windows scheduled task and using Sitecore.Ship. Sitecore.Ship is a wonderful tool that allows the manipulation of a Sitecore installation through a service. It permits two main operations: install a package publish installing Sitecore.Ship The best way of installing Sitecore.Ship is through a Nuget package. You have two options, get the

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